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SentencingStats Inc launches Uniquely Poised to Assist with Retroactive Application of Amendment 821. Read the Amendment 821 Press Release here, the leader in federal sentencing data and analytics, is at the forefront of criminal justice reform with the retroactive application of Amendment 821. This amendment, voted on by the U.S. Sentencing Commission on August 24, 2023, allows for sentence reductions for approximately 20,000 federal inmates. To assist attorneys and defendants in this process, has launched the Amendment 821 Sentence Reduction Kit, providing customized analytics and resources. They have also created the website as a free resource, offering a questionnaire and pre-qualification calculator for eligibility assessment. Mark Allenbaugh, President and Chief Research Officer of, emphasizes the opportunity to correct unjust sentencing disparities through advanced analytics and data. CEO Darren Kramer encourages those eligible to explore their sentence reduction kits and highlights their commitment to innovative tools for retroactive application of this significant reform. Founded in 2019, is dedicated to producing analytics on federal sentencing data, uncovering trends and biases, and providing insights to better understand sentencing disparities. For more information, visit

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