Part B: Zero Point Offenders

Zero Point Offender Amendment

The Zero Point Offender amendment stems from a larger U.S. Sentencing Commission amendment known as Amendment 21. This amendment, Amendment 821 Part B creates a new Federal Sentencing Guideline at 4c1.1. It creates a substantial change to the federal sentencing guidelines for first time Federal offenders.

Meaning, the change will benefit defendants with zero criminal history points. By making the Zero Point Offender amendment retroactive, the commission has ensured that nearly 7,000 inmoates will qualify for shorter sentences or even non-custodial alternatives.

This presents a major opportunity, especially since the revision can be applied retroactively. Thousands of current federal inmates could see their sentences reduced starting on February 1, 2024.

Overall, the amendment reflects a reform-oriented, data-driven approach by the Sentencing Commission. It aims to curb excessively harsh sentences for low-level, non-violent offenders.

For drug crimes, traffickers and kingpins may face slightly higher penalties. But those caught with small, personal-use amounts could receive lighter sentences. Judges gain more leeway to depart from guidelines in such cases.

Amendment 821 Part B has gained wide praise from advocacy groups. With bipartisan support, the Zero Point Offender revision went into effect on November 1, 2023.

Defendants will need to confirm their eligibility. But overall, these changes mark an important step toward fairness and consistency in federal sentencing. Thousands could soon see justice.

Zero Point Offender Video Guide

In order to help attorneys, defendants and their families understand the Zero Point Offender Amendment better, we have produced the above step-by-step video. In the video, we walk you through the qualification requirements and process of obtaining a sentence reduction under Amendment 821 Part B.

View our Zero Point Offender Infographic Below

amendment 821 part b infographic

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