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Amendment 821 Video Guide

Introduction to USSC Amendment 821 Part A & B: Zero Point Offender / Status Points Reductions. On August 24th the United States Sentencing Commission (USSC) in an historic vote on Amendment 821, decided to make the provisions of both Part A and Part B of the amendment retroactive. In this video we summarize what that means for up to 20,000 inmates, who can now utilize the amendments for sentence reductions. Feel free to use our free Amendment 821 calculator at either: or A full transcript of the hearing can be found here:… Recap of the United States Sentencing Commission’s Public Meeting – August 24, 2023 Introduction: On August 24, 2023, the United States Sentencing Commission (USSC) held a public meeting at the Thurgood Marshall Federal Judiciary Building in Washington, D.C. This blog post provides a summary of the key discussions and decisions made during the meeting. Agenda: The meeting commenced with the report of the Chair, who likely provided updates on the Commission’s recent activities and initiatives. Following that, several important votes were conducted: Adoption of April 2023 Meeting Minutes: The Commission members voted on the adoption of the meeting minutes from April 2023, which would have documented the discussions and decisions made during that meeting. Approval of 2023-2024 Policy Priorities: The Commission discussed and voted on the final policy priorities for the period of 2023-2024. These priorities would guide the Commission’s work in establishing sentencing policies and practices for federal courts. Retroactivity of Parts A and B of the 2023 Criminal History Amendment: A significant decision involved voting on the retroactivity of Parts A and B of the 2023 Criminal History Amendment. The outcome of this vote would determine whether these amendments would be applied retroactively to previous cases. Conclusion and Related Materials: The public meeting of the United States Sentencing Commission concluded with the adjournment, signifying the end of the proceedings. The Commission’s decisions and discussions during the meeting contribute to shaping federal sentencing policies and practices. For more detailed information about the meeting, interested individuals can refer to the related materials available on the USSC website:… News Release: This document may provide additional context and highlights regarding the meeting’s outcomes. “Reader-Friendly” Text of Retroactivity: This resource offers a user-friendly version of the retroactivity information for better accessibility and understanding. Notice of Final Priorities: The notice outlines the final policy priorities agreed upon during the meeting. For any questions or further inquiries, individuals can reach out to the USSC’s Public Affairs Office via email at or by calling (202) 502-4597. To stay updated on future events and activities of the Commission, interested parties can subscribe to the USSC’s e-mail listserve. #amendment821 #zeropointoffender #federalsentencing

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